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Helping Transgender people Thrive In The Community

1 in 5 Canadians will experience a number of mental and physical health difficulties in their lifetime and the transgender community is no exception. However transgender people also face some unique set of challenges surrounding identity development, gender identity, discrimination and barriers to employment and more. Compared to cis-gendered teens, transgender youth are far more […]

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Anti-Bullying / Pink Shirt Day

The month of February is marked by LOVE with the celebration of Valentine’s Day across the world and in Alberta- Family day. We want to highlight a different type of “love” that is also equally as important- love of their neighbor/stranger.  In the last few decades, our society has become more aware of the impact […]

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Self-care instead of New Year’s Resolutions

As we venture into a new year, we have an opportunity to start afresh and set  course  to a new path. but we can not do this when we are not okay. This year, we are suggesting navigating to  self-care town where we start by taking care of ourselves.  Oftentimes, when certain people hear the […]

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The dark side of the festive seasons

Once December hits,  our senses go into overload. We see and hear Christmas themes everywhere. We smell nutmeg and roasted chestnuts in the air. We taste peppermint in our festive drinks and thus we begin to feel the need to be with family and friends. Some might say, it’s “ the most wonderful time of […]

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Intimate Partner Violence

Disclaimer: this article will discuss sensitive information that may be triggering, please find resources below for support. Intimate partner violence (IPV) and is a form of violence experienced at the hands of an intimate partner. IPV is experienced across all socio-economic backgrounds, age groups, religions, cultures, and in all types of relationships including same-sex relationships. […]

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Mental Health During Pregnancy 

Life changes like getting married, getting a new house and getting pregnant are exciting and yet are often overlook as it is also stressful and overwhelming. Pregnancy is a life changing event that comes with a lot of changes, physically and emotionally. The excitement of new life growing within and the worries that accompanies the […]

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The effects of addictions on a loved one

The first person to suspect there is an issue in this area, is usually a family member or a close friend. Have you ever wondered what tolls it takes on the person or loved ones of the user? Do you have a picture in mind?  Addiction causes a ripple effect on our loved ones, friends […]

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What is substance abuse?

“In any given year, 1 in 5 Canadians experiences a mental illness or addiction problem”(CAMH, n.d). Alcohol, cannabis, and drugs are used by some to socialize and have fun. However, when one starts to drink or use drugs to cope, for example with stress, anxiety, or for a boost then this creates a dependence on […]

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Impacts of immigration on our Mental Health

There are many reasons why people migrate from one place to another but the common reason is to improve quality of life or to escape from poverty and or war. There are three components of migration which can be classified as the following:  Premigration  Migration and  Post-migration Each of these stages has its challenges, however, […]