Category: Registered Social Worker

Ako Ngu, MSW

Welcome! Feeling curious about who I am and what it is like to work with me? I am a Clinical Therapist with a love for..

Location:Grande Prairie

Bunkola Ojelade, MSW

I am a Nigerian-born Registered Social Worker and practicing as a Mental Health Therapist in a community-based organization. Cognizant that therapy is a joint process,..

Location:Edmonton, AB

Eveline Ngwa, MSW

I hold a Masters of Social Work, clinical specialization and a Masters in International and Rural Development. I lived and worked in Africa, Europe and..

Location:Edmonton, AB

Masimba Uzande, MSW

Simba is a mental health clinician with experience supporting children, youth and adults from diverse backgrounds including First Nation communities. He brings with him a..

Michelle Ndlovu, MSW

I am a licensed & registered therapist working in Calgary, Alberta. I am presently an independent contractor working within the realm of mental health services…

Ntando Ntini, MSW

Are you an adult, adolescent, or family struggling to connect the dots and make sense of ruptured self, lack of inner peace? It could be..

Location:Calgary, AB

Nwanne K. Amogu, MSW

I welcome you to a journey of health and wellness. I have come to realize that although being vulnerable and asking for help in times..

Location:Edmonton, AB

Priscilla Akhigbe, MSW

Hello, My name is Priscilla and I have had the privilege of working with people from all walks of life over the past 15 years…

Location:Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Simone Saunders, MSW

My name is Simone Saunders, and I am a registered Social Worker, located in Calgary, Alberta. I have been working in the field of mental..

Telisa Clarke, MSW

I have been working as a mental health clinician for nearly 20 years. My work has included supporting adults, children, youth, and families to experience..

Location:Edmonton, AB

Vanessa Akello, MSIS, MSW

I started “Connect Psychotherapy & Counselling” years ago to offer a unique place to address the diverse needs of the married, dating, single, adults and..

Viola Ncube, MSW

Raising a child with emotional or behavioural challenges can be overwhelming and can leave you feeling like you have failed as a parent. With my..

Zetilda Ellis, MSW

“Season” is a term often used to describe the different changes people go through in their personal life. Maybe you are feeling stuck in a..

Location:Edmonton, AB

Zvikomborero Rukovo, MSW

I work from a client focused approach and work hard to ensure each person I meet has a positive experience in our sessions. Self Focus..

Location:Edmonton, AB