Angelina Atisimbom, MA, 🌈

Angelina Atisimbom, MA, 🌈

I believe that as humans, we should live our best authentic life filled with happiness, meaning, and purpose. Everyone deserves happiness and rewarding relationships. Sometimes, our past and present experiences interfere with this. My intention is to help guide you as you walk towards living your best authentic life. I acknowledge that very often, we fail to look after our own mental health because of the numerous challenges that we face daily. Simple acts of kindness to the self are very important and I believe that each one of us has unique strengths and qualities that can help us shift from struggling to thriving.

I have over a decade of counseling experience under my belt, including sound education in Counseling Psychology from Canada. My competence in using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) tools has informed my practice in providing counseling to individuals and couples.

I operate using a culturally sensitive lens and understand how important faith can be to some people. I incorporate aspects of my clients’ unique cultures into therapy as requested by my clients. This enables me build rewarding therapeutic relationships with my clients across the board.

Therapeutic rapport is key to an effective counseling relationship and to establish that relationship, I offer a 15-minute free phone consultation for clients. This will help clients determine if I am the right fit for them and if they are a right fit for me.

Calgary, AB, Canada