Audrey Kodye, M.Ed

Audrey Kodye, M.Ed

Do you wish to feel calm, relaxed, confident and happier, in a profound and lasting way? Perhaps, you can tell that anxiety is getting in the way of your work and relationships but very few people know that you struggle because you look like you “have it all together”. I can help. In fact, I founded “Overcome Anxiety Psychological” especially for you!

I am a member of the International OCD Foundation and of the Feeling Good Institute Diversity committee. I obtained my Master’s degree in Psychology in 2013 and I am certified in T.E.A.M-CBT, a cutting-edge approach to the treatment of anxiety and related disorders and issues, using evidence-based methods.

I chose the T.E.A.M-CBT framework because I strongly believe in this approach, which transformed my life in a profound and powerful way, after I had been struggling with anxiety for years. I therefore made a commitment to train extensively in this approach and evidence-based methods so I could help others benefit from effective, quality treatment.

We will start the process by helping you tell your story and talk about your challenges before we start narrowing in on the goal you wish to achieve first. You can expect to attend weekly or more frequent sessions, as well as be assigned regular homework, in order to reach your objectives faster. Within 5 sessions or less, most of my clients improve, reporting a better mood, and increased self-confidence and calmness. In our work together, we will measure your progress at each session so as to ensure that we consistently remain on track.
I provide services in English, French and Mauritian creole.
My areas of focus aside from Anxiety are: OCD, Worries, Phobias, Panic, Fears, Depression, trauma, Low self-esteem, Perfectionism, Procrastination, Life transitions (eg, immigration), Stress, Burnout, Grief and loss, BIPOC and Women’s mental health.

Seeking help was difficult for me and I know that it may be hard for you as well. I offer a free 15-minute session so you can meet with me and determine if we would be a good fit. The best way to reach me and avoid playing phone tag is to book your free session directly in my calendar by clicking on the link below, selecting the “I’m a new client” buttin and my name under “Request an Appointment”:

I look forward to meeting with you!”

Status Accepting clients -Virtual services available Alberta-wide
Offers Direct billing to some insurance companies