Eric Krepstekies, MA

Eric Krepstekies, MA

I am a Canadian-born mixed race registered provisional psychologist. My cultural background is eclectic encompassing European, African, and Caribbean cultures. I work in private practice, as well as with a non-profit community-based organization as a mentor for therapists completing their internship. I have been practicing as a therapist in the community for over 3 years and have around 5 years of experience supporting marginalized people.

My passion is working with Identity in its many forms. This could entail, but is not limited to, cultural identity, religious identity, professional identity, gender identity, and/or sexual identity. I believe an important part of fostering growth, change, and acceptance surrounds how an individual defines themselves in difficult situations. This negotiation of the self is ongoing and constant as we navigate the world and our place in it. I have extensive experience working in this regard with a wide variety of issues, such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationships. I work with individuals, families, and couples either in-person, over the phone, or via video.

I highly value the therapeutic relationship and I believe it is one of the most vital aspects of achieving healthy and helpful therapy. I will always seek the client’s input and guidance in order to make treatment the most beneficial for them. In that way therapy is a collaborative process in its creation, implementation, and maintenance.

I look forward to connecting and supporting you on your therapeutic journey.

St Albert, Alberta, Canada
(587) 210-2294
Status Accepting clients
Offers Rate $150-$180