Zetilda Ellis, MSW

Zetilda Ellis, MSW

“Season” is a term often used to describe the different changes people go through in their personal life. Maybe you are feeling stuck in a difficult season right now. Maybe it is struggling with depression; anxiety; past trauma; relationship issues, the demands of parenting; or, trying to define who you are, within a system where you feel oppressed and invisible. These issues are difficult to cope with on your own, but your season can change. Healing and recovery are possible. I am here to help you work through these difficult issues.
My name is Zetilda, and I grew up on the beautiful island of Jamaica. I graduated from: The University of the West Indies, Mona (UWI) with a BSc in Psychology; The University of Technology, Jamaica (Utech), with a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PDE); and, the University of Calgary (U of C) with a Master of Social Work degree (MSW) – Clinical Social Work Practice. I have over 10 years experience working in various positions, which focus on helping people improve their mental health. Trained in validated and alternative therapies such as EMDR, CBT, Structural Family Therapy and Energy Medicine. Experienced working internationally and locally, in schools, hospital and community mental health settings.
I bring to my work a client-centred approach, with a focus on building on clients’ strengths. View the client as a whole person and recognize their inherent dignity and strengths. I am aware of stigma and shame that are sometimes attached to mental health problems, especially within a cultural context. I therefore create a safe and empowering space where clients work through their issues and have options to explore Spirituality and their cultural healing practices.
Mental health problems can affect anyone. It is critical to reach out for support during tough times. Therapy and counselling can get you back on track. You can experience improved wellness, gain healthier coping skills, thrive, succeed, and rebuild your confidence. Therefore, whether your needs are mainstream psychotherapy, cultural counselling or coaching – I am her to help. Please call and let us discuss how I can be of help.

Work with individual, family and groups.

Population: Child, adolescents, youth, and adults

Consultation is free

Edmonton, AB
780 220-8441
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