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Being part of the ABTN Directory is more than just being listed on the directory.  Membership comes with the following benefits:

  • Being part of the Black therapist networking private whatsapp group
  • Referrals for clients, speaking engagements, career opportunities
  • Opportunity to work in the low/free clinics
  • Yearly continued educational opportunities (CEC)
  • Monthly networking meetings – included are knowledge and sharing opportunities, consultation, learning about how to start and maintain a successful private practice business (can be utilized a part of your CEC)
  • Opportunities for supervision, mentoring, references and being part of committees
  • Annual Black history month get together dinner included
  • Various events to connect/ reduce isolation such as family BBQ, social happy hours with other therapists
  • Social media mentions on Instagram, Facebook to amplify profile and other mental health endeavors such as group work or speaking engagements
  • On going celebration of you and your work- a safe space to process and solidarity

About The Network

The Alberta Black Therapists Network comprises licensed and regulated Black professionals with interdisciplinary backgrounds who specialize in mental health and addictions. The group strives to tackle health disparities, particularly in mental health, that disproportionately affect Black Canadians. Before approval for membership, all members must evidence good standing with liability and insurance. The ABTN acknowledges anti-Black racism, oppression, and systemic changes as the underlying causes of mental health challenges experienced by Black Canadians. The network deems it paramount to address these issues to enhance the general well-being of Black Canadians and advance psychological well-being for the community and society at large.
The ABTN strives to provide the highest quality therapeutic services to their communities by networking, continued training, and using evidence-based approaches. They also aim to increase emotional wellness and promote self-care skills such as self-awareness, self-confidence, positive thinking, goal setting, responsible decision-making, and healthy relationships. By normalizing lived experiences and engaging in psychoeducation, they hope to reduce barriers to psychological health and decrease stigma against seeking additional support when needed.
ABTN offers many benefits to therapists who want to continue building their brand.
We provide yearly educational opportunities, supervision, and mentoring. Additionally, we have a private WhatsApp group where therapists can connect with each other and ask questions in a safe space.
To help reduce isolation and foster connections within the community, ABTN hosts various unique events. These include:
The therapists on the network are professionals who have completed at least a Master’s-level Counselling program, and they are regulated by regulatory bodies such as the :
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Joining the Alberta Black Therapists Network has been instrumental for us at Renew Psychology especially linking arms with other clinicians in ways that increase access for Black Albertans. Being part of the network continues to highlight the significant need to educate, advocate for, and demystify the myths within our communities. We look forward to continued collaborations with Alberta Black Therapists Network.