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The Alberta Black Therapists Network is a federally and provincially registered not for profit organization with charitable status (registration number 353527) that promotes an integrated, holistic and collaborative approach to Mental health and addiction services for the Black communities in Alberta.

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    Welcome to Alberta Black Therapists Network

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    Location: Edmonton, AB, Canada
    Email: info@albertablacktherapistnetwork.com
    Phone Number: 587 400 7300

    Emergency Hotlines

    Alberta Black Therapists Network is not a crisis service. If you are in crisis,or this is an emergency, please call 911 or visit your nearest hospital emergency room.
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    Counselling services are not for free -there is a cost associated and prices differ depending on the therapists and are set by the fee schedule as per regulatory bodies


    Who We Are

    Alberta Black Therapists Network (ABTN) is composed of black mental health professionals that work in various settings to support individuals experiencing mental health concerns. We use evidence based approaches and aim to reduce barriers in accessing mental health supports. We have a healing- centered approach to counselling services for the black community with an understanding of racialized trauma and an anti-racist, anti-oppressive, and decolonizing lens that focuses on resilience and considers individual wellness needs within the context of their spiritual and cultural beliefs. ABTN doubles as a network for therapists to connect, learn and network and as a non-profit to serve the public through psycho-education and partnering with the community to raise awareness and provide culturally-informed support.

    We are responding to a need that's already there

    Our Story

    It is not surprising that our story began with a single meeting and a conversation over food. We met for the very first time to celebrate Black history month in February of 2020 and since then, it has grown to be more than just a meeting.

    An adage that best describes why and how we came about is “ when you come up with an idea, it’s because there is already a need for it.” This stands true to the origin of ABTN. The health inequalities experienced by Black Canadians have long been researched extensively and these include black Canadians being twice as likely to be mis-diagnosed,and have two times the delay in accessing psychological support. In addition to the inequalities of Mental Health, clinicians often expressed that they feel as though they were the “only” black therapist within their organizations, hence missing their tribe; a space where they can connect and work with other black professionals.

    Our Mission

    To have a healing centered approach for counselling services for the black community with an anti-racist, anti-oppressive, and decolonizing lens that focuses on resilience and considers individual wellness needs within the context of their religious and cultural beliefs.

    Our Vision

    To Empower the Black Community through increased access to mental health and addiction services. We believe that as the community heals, we also heal and as the community thrives, we also thrive.

    Our Commitment

    To reduce inequalities of access and barriers to mental health and addictions services and create a framework for black communities to be empowered to engage in available services for the continuous improvement and betterment of their health, wellbeing and overall experience.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Counselling is a confidential process of talking about and working through your presenting concerns with a counsellor. The counsellors are trained to help you address your concerns in a positive manner by clarifying the issues, exploring options, developing strategies, and increasing self-awareness. They employ varies evidence-based approaches in their work and they value your lived experiences It is important to note that these services are confidential. Therapists will not share confidential information without their client's written consent. However, there are limitations to confidentiality and it is important to discuss the limitations of confidentiality with your counsellor in your initial appointment.

    Therapy sessions are 50min in length and the Length of therapy varies case by case but it can take anywhere between 3-10 sessions before you start to experience changes.

    Therapeutic services can be accessed as an individual (child, teenand adult), couple or as a family. Therapy can be accessed in person or virtually (Video or telephone)

    Therapy can be helpful for a wide variety of life concerns. It may be appropriate for you if you are struggling with emotions, negative thoughts, or engaging in behaviours that have negative consequences in your life. If you want to clarify if your specific concerns can be addressed, feel free to reach out to a therapist for a consultation